Bare Naked Noodles

Pasta So Good, It Does Not Need To Be Dressed

Bare Naked Noodles


The story of Bare Naked Noodles begins with a passion for good food made with fresh ingredients.

When  Linda Croley, a financial advisor by day, decided to enter the food business, she began as an exclusive Alabama vendor of  Pappardelle’s Pasta. While her clients were excited to use the national Italian-­‐style pasta in their dishes, Linda wanted to add to her client’s lineup.

Bare Naked Noodles was born with the simple idea of family recipes, farm fresh local ingredients and a love for food. Some of Birmingham’s finest restaurants started as customers. Saturday morning appearances at local farmers’ markets grew her base of fans. Now, Bare Naked Noodles provides seasonal varieties of ravioli, pasta, lasagna, and a wonderful tomato and basil sauce. In addition, Linda continues her fresh pasta line for the finest restaurants.

Created by

TechNola Visual Communications

Completed on

September 13, 2016


Photoshop, illustrator, Indesign


Bare Naked Noodles